• Song:

    I Want To Live

  • Artist:

    John Denver

  • Album:

    Rocky Mountain Collecti...

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there are children raised in sorrow
On a scorched and barren plain
           C                Am                  G     
There are children raised beneath a golden sun
D7         G                      
There are children of the water
Children of the sand
          C                   Am        
And they cry out through the universe
        E              D    Dsus4    
Their voices raised as one

D         G               Gmaj7     
I want to live i want to grow
          C              Cadd9    
I want to see i want to know
            F                C   
I want to share what i can give 
          D              G     
I want to be i want to live

Have you gazed out on the ocean
Seen the breaching of a whale?
           C                  Am                  G  
Have you watched the dolphins frolic in the foam?
D7          G                                    Em                     
Have you heard the song the humpback hears five hundred miles away
         C                Am         E                       
Telling tales of ancient history of passages and home?


          Am                        Em                  
For the worker and the warrior the lover and the liar
          Em             Am          G         
For the native and the wanderer in kind
         Am                          Em                     
For the maker and the user and the mother and her son 
        Em           Am         E              D7         
I am looking for my family and all of you are mine

We are standing all together
Face to face and arm in arm
        C               Am                   G  
We are standing on the threshold of a dream
D7        G                       
No more hunger no more killing 
No more wasting life away
        G        Am          
It is simply an idea
        E                D     
And i know its time has come

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