• Song:

    Rocky Mountain Suite

  • Artist:

    John Denver

  • Album:

    Farewell Andromeda

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Rocky Mountain Suite ? John Denver

D                  G        A
Up in a meadow in Jasper, Alberta
    D                     C             A    
Two men, four ponies on a long lonesome ride.
   D                         G            A
To see the high country and learn of its people,
    D                               C              A       
The ways that they lived there, the ways that they died.

D                     G        A
And one is a teacher, and one a beginner,
    D                         C           A    
Just wanting to be there, just wanting to know.
    D                          G         A
And together they?re trying to tell us a story
     D                            C          A   
That should have been listened to long, long ago.

        G                        D
How the life in the mountains is living in danger
     C        G           Em          A   
From too many people, too many machines.
        G                D    
And the time is upon us, now is forever,
  C          G          Em          A        A7  
Tomorrow is just one of yesterday?s dreams.

D                               A
Cold nights in Canada, icy blue winds.
                               A7       D
The man and the mountains are brothers again.
                                            A      A7
Clear waters are laughing, they sing to the sky.
    A                                   D       A
The Rockies are living, they never will die.

Up in a meadow  . . .
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