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Please Dont Ask Me Chords by John Farnham

PLEASE DON'T ASK ME by John Farnham
Tabbed by A. Masa

Chords used:
D6/E   : 0xx202
Db/E   : 0xx121
A7/C#  : x42225
A/E    : 0x2220
G7(6)  : 353453
G7     : 353433
F#m    : xx4222
F#m+M7 : xx3222
F#m7   : xx2222
B7     : xx4242


Verse I:
 A                  F#m               Bm7           D6/E, Db/E
Please don't ask me what am I thinkin', It's about you  
 A                     F#m                 Bm7          D6/E, Db/E
Please don't ask me, I never can't see you, What can I do?
    A                  A7/C#
My first impulse is to run to your side
      D                    G7(6)     G7
   My heart?s not free and so I must hide
A/E                  D6/E           Db/E    A-Dm-E7
Please don?t ask me, what I?m gonna say to you

Verse II:
  A                    F#m                  Bm7      D6/E, Db/E
I toss and turn, can?t sleep at night, it?s worrying me
  A              F#m                Bm7           D6/E, Db/E
I go to bed turn out the light, but your face I see
   A              A7/C#           
It only hurts the more   I pretend
        D              G7(6)         G7
   that we could never be more than friends
A/E                 D6/E          Db/E      A
Please don?t ask me why I?m so in love with you

           G6            F#7           Bm - Dm
You could easily make me happy, that I know
         A/E            F#             D-E
But I?ll try my best to never tell you so
       G6              F#7              Bm - Dm
I will sing to you my love songs and pretend
         A/E             F#                D - E
And I'll keep the secret right down to the end

Verse III:
  A                 F#m                   Bm7            D6/E,Db/E
Please don't ask me why I'm not talkin', I just can't explain
     A                  F#m               Bm7          D6/E,Db/E
And please don't ask me why I go walkin'  out in the rain
  A                  A7/C#            
I could not live the lie it would take
      D                   G7(6)    G7
   to have you near would be a mistake
A/E                 D6/E             Db/E      F#m,F#m+M7,F#m7,B7
Please don't ask me why I'm still in love with you
    A                   D6/E,Db/E,A
No, please don't ask me..
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