• Song:


  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    Niandra LaDes and Usual...

*This Song is played on the piano but if you cant play piano u got this*

Dm                          Em                                                                
The curtains are made for moving 
           F                                 Am
Cause you know sometimes you're not always there 
Bb         Dm          Bb                       Dm
You don't need it now Your head's shaped like a cow
     Eb     Bb         Eb               Bb
'Til all is here the world's just a sphere
     Eb             Bb        Am
No bigger than the balls you suck

Dm                     Em
Hey you with your hat down
           F                                      Am                       
Don't you know that it can't be where it's always at?
Bb                       Dm
You've all been always there
Bb                  Dm
Your head's shaped like a pear
      Eb                 Bb
You search through the lights
             Eb          Bb
Instead of jumped in the pie
   Eb              Bb                    Am
Of life that you sliced till it's just right

 Am                    G
You're so often seen along
     F                      Em
The west side wheel of the mills
That you steal to get around
       C            Bm
The curtain of the slobs
Am              G              F
It's always made you feel the best
You always need less and less
Of the casual forces 
       C                    Bm
That lead you away from the nest

 Am          G
I know your face
It's all out place
Am            G
I know your face
It's all out of place

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