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    John Frusciante

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Yay, first tab ever.

Thought it would be easier to play this way so I made this. Just listen to the song or 
the older tab 'bout this song and you'll get how it is played.


Abm        B    F#      Abm
I feel the hope running low

C#m      Abm   Eb5     Abm
we never found our way home

      Abm        B
There is no more world

    F#      Abm
The land is gone

C#m      Abm            Eb5        Abm
water is all that sur - vived that one


      Abm  Eb  Abm     C#m  Abm      
there are  no   escapes no   escapes no  escapes

E            B             *
gone are the days of mis - takes

our mis - takes


Abm         B
and did you see

    F#         Abm
the night wore on

    C#m        Abm       Eb5   Abm
and became the days that never begun

    Abm        B
The disappearing day

    F#             Abm
You know where I'm from

   C#m      Abm              Eb5        Abm
Is the only place that for - ever stays young


Abm  Eb Abm
Lost at sea

C#m   Abm  Eb Abm
we're lost at sea

  E                B           *        Abm
I wouldn't know my face if you all were me

Abm Eb Abm  C#m  Abm Eb Abm
All we have is   all we see

      E          B
There is no more hope

      *      Abm
There are no dreams


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