• Song:

    Lever Pulled

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:


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Lever Pulled Chords by John Frusciante

I love this song! so will you (puts on persuasive eyes)

Tuning: Normal with capo on first fret.
ive written chords as if you were playing them without capo, for istance where i put Em, 
actually Fm, but you play it like you'd play an Em were the capo actually the bridge... 
much explanation u no wot i mean neway.

Em         C
You're the feeling of hurting
Em   C            G     Am
More is what I'm asking for
C            G        Am
Little lies cross overboard
C            D
Wait for the crying
Em      C
Love to aim at besides
Lever pulled
C             G           Am
Go where you are little pond
C         G           Am
Never be seen by your saw
C             D
We'll work it out
Em      C                            Em
Now the feelings are right where you saw
   C       G              Am
Forever is right where we were
C         G
Never be clean
Lever pulled
C            D
Be where you are
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