• Song:

    Lever Pulled

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:


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A'yo! We give you this piece from John Frusciante's album "Curtains", the last of his and his BEST!

Fm         C#
You're the feeling of hurting
Fm   C#           Ab    Bbm
More is what I'm asking for
C#           Ab       Bbm
Little lies cross overboard
C#           Eb
Wait for the crying
Fm      C#
Love to aim at besides
Lever pulled 
C#           Ab         Bbm
Go where you are little pond
C#        Ab          Bbm
Never be seen by your saw
C#            Eb
We'll work it out
Fm      C#                           Fm
Now the feelings are right where you saw
   C#      Ab             Bbm
Forever is right where we were
C#        Ab
Never be clean
Lever pulled
C#           Eb
Be where you are
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