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    John Frusciante

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    To Record Only Water Fo...

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Tabbed by b.zurek

I watched him play this during a live show on YouTube, here are the chords he
uses (and the position on the neck he uses for the chords.  A chord 
without a * pretty much means the chord is played at a higher position on the
neck, and a chord with a * indicates that the chord is played lower on the 
neck, or using an open chord...hope that's not too confusing)

Bm   Bm*   D    Em   Em*   F#m   F#m*   G    A     F#

Bm                 D       Em
I'm representing a face of light
Bm                              D      Em 
I'll take your place, it's only right 
I don't hesitate this time 
G            A           Bm          Em*      A     Bm      Em*     A
I'm only seen 'till I arrive 
Bm                      D        Em
I'm reappearing and I'm holding back 
Bm                       D       Em
I steal this field if I relax 
You've never moved the end 
G                 A            Bm          Em*      A     Bm      Em*     A
You'll shake out of yourself again 
G                               F#
Revealing the face that's frozen cold 
           Bm* D G D  Bm*    Bm* D G D
Hey y'all 
G                         F#
Raise the rain the other way 
         Bm* D G D    Bm* D G D    Bm* D G D    Bm* D G D  Bm*
Hey y'all
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