• Song:

    Time Runs Out

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    The Will To Death

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John Frusciante - Time Runs Out
Tabbed by: j butterfly
Email: citizenofcork@hotmail.com

Tuning: EADGBe

A                E C#m
I didn't lose you
A                        E C#m
And those fights I fought
D        A        G
I don't owe anyone
A                     E C#m
And sleeping all night
A                   E C#m
These times I recall
D                 A          G
They come up they come clean
A               E C#m
I've been asleep 
A               E C#m
On top of myself
D       A                G
I was born in the morning
D    A     G
I died at night, people 
Bm        F#m         G      Em
I was found in a mirror, baby
          Em        Bm A G
They couldn't get me out
      Em  Bm     A        G
In these times, times runs
   F#m  Em  Bm G C Em
It runs out
           Bm        G      C Em
Baby, dreams are a long time
          Bm        G    C Em
Hey, dreaming are gone us 
C               G              Am F E Em
I've been sleeping it once more
    Bm Bm G  C    Em
Leave us the water
         Bm Bm      G    C     Em
Hey, simple of what there's not
C               G          Am F E
Catch my meaning, once more 
C     G                  E Em 
I'm sealing down the woho
 Bm Bm    G        C     Em
Cat stand inside world wins
               Bm          G     C Em
Leave us softly, where you must be
C             G        Am F E
The truth place is lies
C          G              Em
The mistakes need to annoy
Am                         Am/C              C  G   
Someone must be sleeping because all is quiet
             Am                  Am/C             C G
Is there nothing in the mirror, when shook the light
G/B Am   G/B Am
The dark, the light
G/B  Am  G/B  Am
The dark, the light

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