• Song:

    Today You Love Tomorrow The World

  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

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C x32010 or x35553
G 320003 or 355433
E 022100
D xx0232 or x57775
A x02220 or 577655

I prefere the alternative chords, the way John plays it aswell.

C - G - E (x4) 
D - E (x4) 


C                     G                E 
Well I'm a nazi baby, I'm a nazi yes I am 

C                      G                          E 
I'm a nazi soldier and I'm fighting for the fatherland 

(Repeat x2)


D             E    D               E 
Little German boy, getting pushed around 

D             E    D            E 
Little German boy, in a German town 

(repeat verse and chorus section) 

Outro Chorus

A                D            E 
Today your love, tomorrow the world (x5) 

A - D - E (let the final E ring out)
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