• Song:


  • Artist:

    John Frusciante

  • Album:

    The Will To Death

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B F# Gm 2X

*The Emaj7 is played on the fourth fret


B           F#         Abm         Emaj7

And we will show that wherever you are

B            E         B

that is where all time starts

B                  F#    Abm            Emaj7

It's a pleasure to die a pleasure to be gone

B        F#           B

Into the sky we move on


Ebm       Abm        Emaj7   B       F#   Abm

Life is unchanging It let me go

Ebm         Abm    Emaj7  Abm B  F#   Abm  Emaj7  Abm  Emaj7

Life gave me up and I    have no control

       F#        B  F#  Abm
I have no control

B F Abm

Verse 2

Everything goes a way that I do not
I clean up the clouds I ride
I've never been up where I see the others climb
Seems like it must be nice

Chorus 2

Laughters an ugly friend of mine
We share the best and the worst of times

Verse 3

Everyone goes where they belong
Nobody goes elswhere
Never much thought goes to being
right or wrong


B F# Abm Emaj7 3x

Abm F# Abm Emaj7 2x

Abm Emaj7 

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