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Land Of The Bottom Line Chords by John Gorka

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From: steidlr@ccmail.orst.edu

     Land of the Bottom Line
               by John Gorka

          I have chorded the song as if played in first postion.
          However, he plays with a capo at the 4th fret.

          Dsus2 = xx0210

     Intro:  Basically same as the Verse


     C                  G          D              Em
     I couldn't bribe a wino, on what I used to make

        C              G                D Dsus2 D
     My fortune was as sure as the wind

     C                 G       D              Em
     But I was free to wonder, time was on my hands

        C           G                D Dsus2 D
     It was mine to burn and to bend


     Em          C        D                 Em
     Freedom for freedom, call that an even scheme

     C               G                    D Dsus2 D
     Give me time to wonder and to dream

     Em         C      D                 Em
     I'll take the money, they'll take the time

     C           G                       D Dsus2 D
     Down to the land of the bottom line

     To the bottom line.


     Then there came a chance, to make some steady dough
     Bouncing up my alley to the door
     You fill your clothes with keys, and dammned responsibilities
     Trading the maybe for the sure.


     All I ever wanted, was to be a kid and play
     Fighting every change along the way
     I don't like work, I don't like waste
     And I don't like waiting for a taste.


     Bob Steidl
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