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Treasure Island Chords by John Gorka

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

From dowdm@washpost.com Fri Apr 18 10:48:03 1997
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 97 19:06:00 PDT
From: "Dowd, Michael" 
To: "' guitar@olga.net'" 
Subject: chord submission

This is a song by John Gorka off of his "Jack's Crows" album that I would
like you to post.

Treasure Island
this one is also a capo on the second fret.
the progression is G D Asus9  Bm for the verse and C D Em for the bridge.
Asus9   =x02200
Bm         =224432 or xx4432

    G                         D          Asus9      Bm
     Love is never easy
                          G                           D
                  Asus9   Bm
     It's almost     always out of    your way
                         G                         D
                     Asus9   Bm
     It's not the    path of least     resistence
                              G                             D
     It's not some    words you get     to say
                                                          D           Em
     It's a stream running up the  mount  ain
               C                     D                         Em
     It's a wave rolling    out  from the        shore
       C                                          D

     I wish I could say I never   felt that way before

then back into the G D Asus9 Bm thing.

     I have a friend whose lonely
     She is chasing after her dreams
     But she is the one and only
     Who knows how hard it can be

then back to the D Em C thing

listen to the song and put it together.
i would have transcribed all the words but the cd isn't mine. this is just
stuff i remember.   i hope you can work with it.

Michael HJ Dowd
The Washington Post-News Administration
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