• Song:

    Same Old Man

  • Artist:

    John Hiatt

  • Album:

    Same Old Man

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Same Old Man - John Hiatt

     C (x32010@1)G (320003@1)Fmaj7e||--0--3----0---| (1x3210@1)b||--1--0----1---|

C (x32010@1)Verse 1:
C (x32010@1)    Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)   CTruth (x32010@1)is I never was young
            G (320003@1)           Fmaj7Shot (1x3210@1)like a bullet from a rusty old gun
                       GI (320003@1)could never find the straight and true
                  Fmaj7 (1x3210@1) CHoney, (x32010@1)baby, till I found you

Verse 2:
       Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)        CI (x32010@1)ain't sayin' I ever grown up, girl
             G (320003@1)         Fmaj7Oh, (1x3210@1)I'm the biggest baby in the world
                      GI (320003@1)know you can say a lot about that
                                Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)     CBut (x32010@1)you're so sweet, you keep it under your hat

       Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)       CHoney, (x32010@1)I'm still the same old man
         G (320003@1)      Fmaj7That (1x3210@1)you married way back when
                          GA (320003@1)few less brain cells, a lot less hair
                   Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)    CHoney, (x32010@1)tell me, do you still care?
           Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)     CI (x32010@1)love you more than I ever did
           G (320003@1)         Fmaj7I (1x3210@1)love you just like a little kid
                          GGuess (320003@1)I'll always be your biggest fan
                     Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)   CHoney, (x32010@1)I'm still the same old man

Verse 3:
        Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)       CWe (x32010@1)been down a rough road or two
         G (320003@1)        Fmaj7This (1x3210@1)is another one we'll get through
              GDon't (320003@1)ask me how I know
                       Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)      CI'm (x32010@1)just saying, baby, please don't go

Verse 4:
            Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)       CCause (x32010@1)I can still sparkle up your eyes
        G (320003@1)          Fmaj7You (1x3210@1)can still cut me down to size
               GPlease (320003@1)take me as I am
                     Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)  CHoney, (x32010@1)I'm still the same old man

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5:
              Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)          CYou (x32010@1)start out trying to change everything
            G (320003@1)         Fmaj7You (1x3210@1)wind up dancing with who you bring
                        GI (320003@1)loved you then and my love still stands
                     Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)  CHoney, (x32010@1)I'm still the same old man


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