• Song:

    Dear Marie

  • Artist:

    John Mayer

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No Capo

[accord]A[/accord] = (5-x-7-6-5-x)
[accord]Asus[/accord] = (5-x-7-7-5-x)
[accord]D[/accord] = (x-9-7-7-10-x)
[accord]F#m[/accord] = (2-x-4-2-2-x)
[accord]E[/accord] = (12-x-x-13-12-x)
[accord]D[/accord](alt) = (10-x-x-11-10-x)

*John uses his thumb to play the lower E note on the chords which use it*

       [accord]A[/accord]      [accord]Asus[/accord]  [accord]D[/accord]                              [accord]A[/accord]    [accord]Asus[/accord]     [accord]A[/accord]   [accord]Asus[/accord]
Dear Marie,       tell me what it is I used to be x2
                [accord]E[/accord]                                    [accord]D[/accord](alt)                [accord]A[/accord]    [accord]Asus[/accord]
And if you're further up the road, can you show me what I still can't see?

(Play the same progression for the following 2 verses, except when John says the following, play:

               [accord]E[/accord]                           [accord]D[/accord](alt)                     [accord]A[/accord]    [accord]Asus[/accord]
Yeah I've got my dream, but you've got a family x2
               [accord]F#m[/accord]                          [accord]D[/accord]                                [accord]A[/accord]    [accord]Asus[/accord]
Yeah I've got my dream, but I guess it got away from me

**Then the breakdown (w/ harmonica), John continually plays the following progression:

A, Asus (for 4 counts of 4, building up)

**(once the drums start)

[accord]A[/accord], [accord]D[/accord], [accord]A[/accord], ([accord]F#m[/accord], [accord]D[/accord], [accord]A[/accord] x3)

Here is the (only) current recording/video of John playing this song. Enjoy. It's a great song.

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