• Song:

    Do You Suppose

  • Artist:

    John Mayer

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This is an acoustic song done by John Mayer and Dispatch.
The beat is similar to Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson.
Between the last E and A of the chorus there is no playing, just singing.

Title: Do You Suppose I’d come runnin’

Artist: John Mayer and Dispatch

A   F#   (x3)
A   D   E
Verse 1:
                A                  F#      A                     F#
Would you be the wind        to blow me home
A                                F#         A                              F#
Would you be a dream            on the wings of a poem
           A                F#      A                      F#
And if we are walking     through a crowd

               A         D       E (12th fret)
Well you know I’d be proud

             D           E              A
If you call my name out loud 
             D            E             F#
If you call my name out loud
                D               E                     A
Do you suppose that I would come runnin’
                 D              E           
Do you suppose I’d come at all
I suppose I would

Verse 2:
And if we were walkin’ down a dead end street
Would you be the one to let our eyes meet
Or would you just keep on walkin’
Down to the turn-around 


Verse 3:
And If I was gone from the land we know
Would you be the dawn, let your beauty still show
And if you were walkin’, and heard the cold night comin’
Would you call my name, cause you know I’d come runnin’

                          A           F#
You know I would (x3)
                  A                F#
I’d come runnin’ (x2)
             D          E             A
If you call my name out loud.
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