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    John Mayer

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    2000-02-25: Decatur, GA...

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|John Mayer
Submitted by Adam Bragman (JoeBoxerAB@aol.com)

Standard Tuning
Key = Bb Mixolydian (could also be called C Aeolian(Minor)

___X _8_6________________________9____8_____
* = rake. A rake is where you really quickly fingerpick the 6
then the 8 then the 9 REAL fast.
** John also does these really cool slaps on the Low E string
 just like a bass. Listen for them.
"She comes....And she goes....."


Chords: Fm Gm | Cm Fm Gm | Cm Cm/Bb (6x534-) | Ab | Ab |

I know the chords are correct, but I hear another lead playing, it goes
something like this:


That?s it, let me know what you think. If you find anything
wrong let me know. Peace. Oh yeah everyone buy John
Mayer?s album Room for Squares it?s awesome and he?s
from Atlanta (where I live), he?s the man.
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