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Verse 1:
Ab                       Eb/G
  I had a change of heart Don’t know where to start
Fm          Eb/G
  What I’m about to say May surprise you
Ab                      Eb/G
  But now I see it clear Life ain’t always fair
Fm             Eb/G
  oh...oh What can you do

         C7/E                         Fm
When you don’t want to hurt him Cause you don’t deserve him
And there’s no other way yea yeah yeah yea

C#                               Fm
  I’m breaking down I just can’t take it anymore
     Ab                Cm
Oh No, I won’t let you go You know I’m coming for you
C#                         Fm
  No matter what its gonna take I gotta make this move
Ab                       Cm
  You're the one, that I choose You know I’m coming for you
C#                     Fm
  And I just can’t go another day Without you
Ab                Cm
next to me oh...oh yeah

Verse 2: Piano part is the same for verse 1
Ab                   Eb/G
  Don’t know what to say Guess I’ll take the blame
Fm           Eb/G
  Eventually it is bound to happen
Ab                       Eb/G
  I know you played your part I ain’t tryin to make it hard
Fm                   Eb/G
  But it’s the right thing to do

(Repeat Refrain And Chorus)

Bridge: No Piano
E              F#                        Ab
  Now that you know the truth Just wanna be with you
Can’t go back, this is real Cause what we share
           F#                 C#
It’s undeniable Don’t want to hide no more
       E          F#
Here I am and I’m coming for you...woah

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