• Song:

    With You

  • Artist:

    Jonah Johnson

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this songis extrememly easy.....if i can play after only playing for 3 months:so 
can you. it is on standard tuningbut there a a capo on the 2nd fret. hope you 
enjoy playing this song.

Intro: G, D, Am, C

G               D
There was hope, there was faith
Am                    C
There was truth but I just couldn't get it
G                D          Am               C
Now there's love in my life can't let it go I just won't let it
C                    D
Change has played its part
           C               D
And it's healed my wounded heart

Am                             C
All I wanna do and all I wanna be
            Am                C
All I wanna feel is somethin real
            Am                       C          Am            C
I want to believe that everything I do, from here on out will be with you

Here with you I feel safe and I know this is jut the beginning
For so long I was lost, now it feels I'm finally winning
I wouldn't mind,
I could love you for the rest of my life

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