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    Give Love A Try

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C                                       Am
You, you're like driving on a sunday, You, you're like taking off on 
        G              F          C
Monday, you, you're a dream come true.

Verse2: P.S. Same as 1st

I, was just a face you never noticed 
and now, I'm just trying to be honest with myself 
With you 
With the world


You might think 
that I'm a fool 
    C7            F
for falling over you 
So tell me what can I 
do to prove to you 
         C7              F
That its not so hard to do 
            Fm            C
Give love a try one more time 
          C7                     F
Cause you know that I'm on your side 
Fm                          C
Give love a try, one more time

C Am G F 2x
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