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    Joni Mitchell

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I was frustrated by the chords I found online for this song and decided to tab my 
own. This sounds quite nice to me. :) I hope you like it too.

C            F              G
Willy is my child, he is my father
C              Am          F
I would be his lady all my life
             Em                Am
He says he?d love to live with me
           C            Am7
But for an ancient injury
     G/B     Dm
That has not healed
He said I feel once again
       F                 Am
Like I gave my heart too soon
He stood looking thru the lace
       F                     Am
At the face on the conquered moon
        F            Dm
And counting all the cars up the hill
        Am                G
And the stars on my window sill
          C          F
There are still more reasons why
I love him

Willy is my joy, he is my sorrow
Now he wants to run away and hide
He says our love cannot be real
He cannot hear the chapel?s pealing silver bells
But you know it?s hard to tell
When you?re in the spell if it?s wrong or if it?s real
But you?re bound to lose
If you let the blues get you scared to feel
And I feel like I?m just being born
Like a shiny light breaking in a storm
There are so many reasons why
I love him

Willy is my child, he is my father
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