• Song:

    Waiting Room

  • Artist:

    Jonny Diaz

  • Album:

    More Beautiful You

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Intro: Fm Eb Ab Fm Eb Db

Fm           Eb       Ab    Fm          Eb        Db
Here in this waiting room yearning for You to say go
     Ab/C          Db           Eb           Fm
And though I?m convinced that a yes would be best
      Bb                    Eb
This time You?re telling me no
      Fm         Eb            Ab
It?s not that I don?t have an answer
      Fm          Eb             Db
It?s just not the one that I?d like
     Ab/C         Db         Eb            Fm
But through this time Lord I must keep in mind
   Bb                   Eb
You?re always wiser than I

Ab/C  Db   Eb            Ab
You have a much better purpose
   Ab/C  Db    Eb          Ab/D
And You have a far greater plan
    Ab/C Db      Eb        Ab
And You have a bigger perspective 
      Bb             Eb           ( Fm Eb Ab Fm Eb Db ) (Ab 2nd time)
Cause You hold this world in your hands

     Fm           Eb            Ab
The things that I seek are from You
          Fm             Eb            Db
Like the strong healing touch of your hand
     Ab/C        Db          Eb           Fm
But when You say no help me trust even though 
            Bb                 Eb
There?s a reason I can?t understand

           B                         Db
When that miracle comes cause Your answer is yes
I will praise you for all of my days
                B                    Db
But when Your wisdom declares that a no is what's best
         Ab                 Eb
I will praise You just the same
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