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Intro: A F#m7 2x

A                    F#m7
I'll be silent in my solitude
A                         F#m7
Can't find my smile or my gratitude
D9                 A
I'm afraid of what I might do
'Cause there's no me
If there's no me and you
Bm9                      D7M
I wish that i could open up your eyes
Bm9                         D7M
To feel the sun that burned in your mind 

A                      F#m7
I can't deal with what you have done
A                    F#m7
Reincarnate i wonder who i might become
D9                      A
With the potential of a loaded gun
D9                          A
I could be as fresh as hard bubble gum
Bm9                         D7M
I don't have nothing, now I want me some
Bm9                             D7M
First some of you, then some of everyone 

A F#m7 A F#m7 D9 A D9 A Bm9 D7M Bm9 D7M

A                             F#m7
Oh darling since you've been away from me
A                               F#m7
I know how the pins feel in the bowling alley
D9                             A
They say love is something you feel but never see
D9                      A
When I see you I firmly disagree
Bm9                            D7M
I'm just trying to be all that I can be
Bm9                           D7M
Without destroying you now or joining the army 

A                          F#m7
Your ashes must be blowing everywhere
A                                        F#m7
'Cause i could still feel you and you're nowhere near
D9                           A
And though you didn't say so i can tell that you still care
D9                              A
We could've had it all but then nothing is fair
Bm9                 D7M
I still think about washing your hair
Bm9                           D7M
I wish I could've washed away all of your despair

A F#m7 A F#m7 D9 A D9 A Bm9 D7M Bm9 D7M A
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