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Joseph Arthur: You are Free

Tabbed by:Yaneey

Tuning:standard,no capo

Em:    022000
G:     320033
Cmaj7: x32000
Cadd9: x32030 
D:     x00232
Dsus4: x00233
Am:    x02210
C:     x32010

Em       G     Cmaj7/Cadd9 
Time is moving on
      D/Dsus4    Cmaj7/Cadd9
You and me  You and me
Em        G      Cmaj7/Cadd9
Suffering is gone
      D/Dsus4    Cmaj7/Cadd9
You are free  You are free

G        Am       C
I know I let you down
G        Am       C
Those days are over now

I'm no longer who I was
No longer who I thought I was
I'm no longer who I was,No longer who I thought I was

That's it,just repeat.
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