• Song:

    King Of Glory

  • Artist:

    Josh Bates

  • Album:

    Perfect Day

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  F5                       F5                    Bb5       
I stare at the cross cause without it I'm lost and  I believe 
    F5                    F5                       Bb5 
I'm healed by Your blood saved by Your love and You  shelter me 
     G5                   C5 
It's amazing the power You hold 
  G5                      C5  C5  Bb5  C5 
I give You my Heart and my s------------oul 

F5             Bb5 
King of glory You are holy 
        G5            Bb5            C5          Bb5 
Take my hands, take my feet, take my voice as I sing 
F5              Bb5 
Lord of Heaven Hallelujah 
G5            Bb5    C5  F5 
Precious Jesus Halle-lu-jah  
F5                     F5                     Bb5 
Imagine a day when our faith is replaced with a  glorious sight 
   F5                   F5                 Bb5 
Of angels in Chorus as You stand before us in  perfect light 
        G5                   C5 
We will join in the anthem of praise 
     G5                  C5  C5  Bb5  C5 
With every breath we will s------------ay  
You lived and You died 
   C5                Bb5 
To bring us new life  Sweet salvation 
D5                  C5           Bb5 
  Clothed in majesty  God of everything
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