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    Josh Bunce

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see.right.through.me (2011)

capo 3

E  A/C#  Cmaj7  B/D#
E  A/C#  Cmaj7  D7

Verse 1:
E                     A/C#                 Cmaj7    B/D#
Looking like a photograph in a frame
E               A/C#             Cmaj7      D7
Something perfect that I can't explain
E                A/C#              Cmaj7     B/D#
Caught my attention, you held my gaze
E          A/C#                 Cmaj7       D7                      E   
Perfect love displayed in different ways, in different ways
                Cmaj7       D7
I see your love displayed

          E            B             
I said, Heyhey, what d'ya think I'm missing?
       C#m      B                    A2    
Is it ok, for me to keep on wishing?
          E       B                       A2        B
I was closer, than I've been before
Than I've been before 

Verse 2:
So many things demand conclusions
Confusion is what I like about you
How can I say I did not know
No, I did not notice
When all around a I see you word
Your love and your grace
I see your loving, gaze

Im watching all the world, watching all you've done
Figuring our life and who you are
I take a look around at beauty love devine
They'll fall in love in time
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