• Song:

    Just Enough

  • Artist:

    Josh Bunce

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capo 6

F#m  A  E  D
F#m  A  E

Verse 1:
F#m                              A
Got a problem with the face you're wearing
E                                         D
Head in the sand, watching everybody stopping and staring
F#m                              A
Here I am again with a new proposition
E                                          D
Tell me who you are and I'll tell you what I think you're missing

F#m   E/G#          A/C#      E  
Oh finally, an opportunity, right in front of you
F#m      E/G#                     A/C#       E                       A2
Oh the mystery of who you are and who you want to be

A2       E                           F#m
Fall in love, feel it for the first time
                                D2                        A2
Healing what's the worst time of your life
           E                               F#m
Just enough, just enough to see you through
Hope will help you make it through
      A           E            F#m       D
Its alright, yeah its alright

Verse 2:

I failed to mention you can't survive on preservation
Not a one way situation that will help to make you centre attention
All the while you're laughing 'coz you think you might be on to something new
Oh, did you recognise, oh did you realise?
Did you even notice that you've got to open closed eyes?
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