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This is a beautiful song, I can't find it anywhere 
on the internet, so I had to do my best to transcribe at 
least the chords.  -Dray 

Capo 1 

E5       E5 (no5)   C#m7(add5) E5       | chord forms are at        
The open road for traveler's souls       | The Bottom.  This is probably 
     F#5       B5                   | Not the Way Josh Plays it 
They once were lost                   | But I figured it out today 
    E5        A5                   | With the capo (its really 
But now they're gone                   | in "F" major). There's like   
   F#5     B5   E5                     | five different ways to play 
A long, long time ago                   | E, but if you follow, then 
E5       E5 (no5)   C#m7(add5) E5           | the bass notes should 
A neighbor's love  So fit the mold       | come out right.  The ringing 
     F#5       B5                   | pedal tones make it really 
They once were young                   | pretty.  - Dray 
    E5        A5 
But now they're old 
   F#5     B5      E5 
It's not yet time to go 

           G5    A5           E5 
And it's the way that we will forgive ourselves 
           G5    A5           E5 
And it's the way that we will for no one else 
           G5    A5           E5              A5 
And it's the way that we will put pressure on our bones 
        G5            A5 
That we never leave alone 

E5       E5 (no5)   C#m7(add5) E5  
Maybe it's time to grab the past 
     F#5       B5     E5        A5 
And make it last all through the year 
   F#5  B5      E5 
To keep our lives afloat 
E5             E5 (no5)     C#m7(add5) E5  
The system has changed from far to planes 
F#5       B5  
I once was wild 
E5        A5 
But now I'm tame 
F#5  B5      E5 
I hate to fly alone 

F#5               A5         F#5 
    And lately it's a song 
               A5          B5   --> (solo maybe ill include this in another post) 
And so maybe I am wrong for now     (if I ever figure it out) 

Here are what the Chords look like... 
   E5 E(no5) C#m7(add5) E5/B F#m Bsus4 Emaj Asus2  | 
E--0--0------0----------0----0---0-----0----0----- |  
B--0--0------0----------0----0---0-----0----0----- |  
G--9--9------9----------9----2---4-----4----2----- |  
D--9--6------7----------9----4---4-----2----2----- |  
A--7--7------x----------x----4---2-----x----0----- |  
E--0--0------9----------7----2---x-----4----0----- |  

   Gsus2  G  A  B  |        | there you go, some of these 
E--0------3--5--7- |        | aren't really even chords, 
B--0------3--5--7- |        | but they work in this song 
G--0------0--7--9- |        | pls email me if you find 
D--7------0--7--9- |        | mistakes - dan"at"draynet"dot"com 
A--5------2--6--8- |  
E--3------3--5--7- |
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