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Hey U Guys!  Josh Kelley is amazing, and cool.  I love this song and it is
really easy 2 play. I am pretty sure this is the right way 2 play it. Enjoy!

You've been bad 
You know you've been good
Did you loose your mind like I knew you would
Did you sing your song
Did you sing it so loud
Did you sing it so everyone could hear in the crowd

Pre Chorus:[C,G,D]
Did you loose yourself
Did you loose your health
Did you put my memories on the shelf
Did you loose your place
Did you loose your grace
Just so everyone could see your singing face

It's like everybody loves you
And everybody wants you
It's like everybody needs you
And everybody sees you

Verse 2:[G,D,C]
You've been sad
You're misunderstood
Did you find your kind 
Like I knew you would
Did you feel your song
Did you feel it so real
Did you feel it so everyone could see your grand appeal



Fate will only show
For the time we loathe
Time will say
Keep the fire alive
That leads the way 
To our today


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