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haiii again everyone! i really wanted someone to tab this song, i think i even requested
so i wouldn't have to do it my self. but i was sooooo bored tonight i decided tooooo!
woop rah....

i'm pretty sure all the chords are correct, and fairly sure its all in the right order!
lets hope you guys can work it out..

SONG: Chimney's Afire
ARTIST: Josh Pyke (yewww-ILY)
ALBUM: Chimney's Afire

Standard tuning - NO CAPO!

Intro: intro is that tuning volin stuff then a solid G chord

Then it goes.....:

G                        C
The guilt they feel for killing that whale
Her chimney's afire
Her eyes, The ire

         F      Em
And with Bible leaf
     G             C
She fuels her own fire
Her eyes
The ire, the ire

And with that sin
Sinking into their skin
     G                     Am
The sin now a slick on the sea

           F            Em
Now she's bound to the land
         G         C
By the lance of a man
          G                           C
And her fire's trapped in the street lights

  G          C
Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooo
   A                             Dm
What you've gone and done with a life
Now she's bound to the land
By the lance of a man
          Dm                             Am
And her fire's trapped in the street lights

i like that song....and i'm pretty sure that is all correct, but it's more than likely
wrong, so comment and or email me on axrox@hotmail.com with your complements and/
or abuse/corrections/compliants

cheers guys
and remember...
keep on a rockin!

p.s ILY josh ;) - i met him and he said my name was cool and if he ever has a son he's
call him Axel and i felt really special and yeah..... woop :P
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