• Song:

    Golden Age Of Radio

  • Artist:

    Josh Ritter

  • Album:

    Four Songs Live

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-Golden Age of Radio-
-Josh Ritter-

Capo 3

Em                               C
Picture they took of you in your cowboy hat
Makes you look like one of the boys 
D                 Em     
Out on a saturday night, meanwhile
On the outskirts of the dance hall
      G                              D
I'm a joke that you'd prob'ly enjoy

Em                                C          
On the outside of Memphis all the buildings look big
        G                       D
And the white picket fences all dare to charge 
Around the lawn and hold their heads up high
When my head-lights find them out
               G                                 D
They'll be the first to put their hands in the air

With the radio on
D         G       C
Singing a country song
             C G/B C G/B
Soft and low

Living on the edge of the city limit line
This is where the boundary finally ends
And I swear that we're the last living souls
In a populated ghost town
All the billboards are our best friends

Which way did our last chance go
And can we get out if we go right now?
It seems that with the malls and the mega-church stadiums
We would get out if we knew just how

With the radio on
Singing a country song
Soft and low

C           B7            G    C  G
Oh and I've got a worried mind I  know
B7                    Am   
I hear the ghost of Patsy Cline
B7               Am
On the Grand Ol' Opry Show

Em C G/B Em C G/B

Standing in lind to get muy self-help book signed off
On by the reverand who shouts to the converted
Have mercy on this boy, he did it all by the book,
But still kind of has his doubts

Oh you look pretty good in that jonquil dress
But your smile is a wooden nickle's pride
And I know that it ain't worth much 
But it feels good to touch
And I think that I could dance if I tried

With your radio on
Singing a country song
soft and low
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