• Song:

    Labelship Down

  • Artist:

    Josh Ritter

  • Album:

    The Historical Conquest...

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Pretty sure it's correct. I don't usually do tabs, but this sounds pretty good.
For best results, use a ukulele, like Josh :)

            C        G
We heard it over the wires
     Am                 G
that everybody here was fired
       Am                     G
but we never really even felt hired
           Dm                G
so we felt bad, but not that bad.

        C           G
We just pressed the chords
        Am                     G
started singing like we sung before
         Am                G
we got enough so who needs more
           Dm           G
of what we never really had

           C                  C7    <--- C7 in the song, but not *needed*
And as the Label went down in flames,
    F             F7                <---ditto with F7^
red ink and legal claims
        C               Dm
we kept singing for the same
G7                      C
reasons that we'd sung before.

If you're on a uke, intro and exit with

and end on
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