• Song:

    The Appleblossom Rag

  • Artist:

    Josh Ritter

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Artist: Josh Ritter
Song: The Appleblossom Rag
Album: The Beasts in the Tracks
tabbed by: recebedou
email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning: CAPO IV

Chords used:
C:  032010
F:  133211
G:  320033


Intro Chords: [C - C/B - F - C - C]x2

Verse 1 chords: 
C                C/B    F
Where's the queen    of my parade?
C                G
She ain't coming back
C             C/B    F
The only thing   she left me is
     C    G       C
This appleblossom rag

Chorus 1 chords:
C       F    C
Oh, the appleblossom rag
C        F       C
oh, such sweet refrain
    C               F
And hid beneath the chords, the thorns
     C          G     C
That cause such awful pain

Interlude:[C - C/B - F - C - C]

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
This new gang's the gang for me
Always on the town
Oh, the stories I could tell
If I felt like it now

Verse 3: [use verse 1 chords]
This new gang's the gang for me
I know all of their names
And they know mine and them that don't
All love me just the same

Chorus 2: [use chorus 1 chords]
Oh, the appleblossom rag
oh, for such a knife
That from my blood could love unbraid
Without taking my life

Interlude:[C - C/B - F - C - C]x2

Verse 3: [use verse 1 chords]
This new girl's the girl for me
Best girl that I know.
Never asks me where I've been
or when I'm coming home

Verse 3: [use verse 1 chords]
This new girl's got a real fork-tongue
I love the way she lies.
A false young painted devil
But, I know so it's alright

Chorus 3: [use chorus 1 chords]
Oh, that appleblossom rag
Lord, I'm such a fool
for things that sing so sweet and sad
And are so goddamn cruel

Outro: [C - C/B - F - C - C]x2
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