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A (throughout song, play A chord with a D on the 5th string (fret 3) and pull off)

It was like ( A5 ) nails on a chalkboard when Daddy played his kinda music
If you'd have asked me then, I'd a said it was borderline abusive
But I'm ( D5 ) gettin' to where I don't mind it now
I'm comin' around ( A5 )

I blew out of here the next day after graduation
Destination anywhere with a higher population
( D5 ) Never to return to this tiny town
But I'm comin' around ( A5 )

I'm ( E5 ) comin' around, I'm figurin' out
A5 lot of ( D5 ) things I thought I ( A5 ) knew
I ( E5 ) never dreamed I'd be seein' things
From ( D5 ) this point of ( A5 ) view 
Still a ( F#5 ) little ways from ( C#5 ) slowin' it all the way ( D5 ) down
But I'm comin' around ( A5 )

( D5 - A5 )

Repeat Chorus

I've never been that big a fan of gettin' up on Sunday mornin'
And listen to that ol' preacher talk was always kinda borin'
I'm ( D5 ) still a little more lost than I am found
But I'm comin' around ( A5 )
Yeah, I'm comin' around

Repeat Chorus
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