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Capo 1

Intro: A E B E

Ever since you caught my eye
        A              E
I can't get you off my mind
A                E                    B
Girl the way you move is driving me crazy
I don't mean to come on strong
             A              E
But I don't wanna wait too long
A           E                 B   E
All I wanna do is make you my baby

 E                A               E
Whatcha reckon we take off early today
              B                 E
Take a little ride in my Chevrolet
E               A               E
Down a road we ain't been down before
And see where it goes
E                  A                E
Whatcha reckon we lay it all on the line
                  B                  C#m
Take a chance and say what's on our minds
E              A               E
Girl won't you let me hold you tight
                  B            E
Whatcha reckon we fall in love tonight


Knowin' you is good for my heart
      A                      E
And I knew it right from the start
     A            E                  B 
I've never felt a feeling like this before
Ain't no sense in takin' it slow
                A                E
We can take our time when we get old
A                  E                   B
We can start right now with you and me walking out the door


Solo: A E B E 

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