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Capo on the 8th fret

Intro     F5    C5       G5    A5       F5    C5       C5    G5    

           F5                  C5      F5                C5
It was prettier than poetry
                F5                   C5                F5                C5
The first time you said hello to me
           A5               G5                  F5       C5
Call it crazy, call it meant to be
           A5                 G5                 F5      C5
But it didn?t take me long to see 

        D5           A5           G5
That you mean more than anyone

Now I?m running in circles, 
Jumping over hurdles
G5                                  A5
Working on a song to sing
Want to tell you how I?m feeling, 
C5                      G5       A5
Finding it hard to do
Cause I don?t know how to say it, 
Don?t know how you?ll take it
G5                               A5
Don?t know how to fall in love
          F5      C5   G5
But I want to learn with you

My friends say I should take it slow
But my dad says when you know, you know
So maybe I?ll just rent a car
And I?ll drive right back to where you are

Cause you mean more than anything

Repeat Chorus
               F5 C5  D5     C5    G5  A5  G5
I never thought I?d drop my guard
                G5    A5 G5 C5  D5  C5   F5
Then you broke into my clumsy heart
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