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From his From the Top of Willamette Mountain album.
You can play it in standard tuning with the chords, but the ringing D bass note is 
quite prominent on the recording. Avoid playing the high e string.

D: 000230
G: 5X0030
D/F#: 4X0030
Bm: X24432
A: X02220

There is a mystic in the mountain, high above the great salt lake
Dancing in the heavens, far below his golden gates
     G                     D     G                    D
He's looking at our cars below, laughing at our rock and roll

So I found a little woman, thought that I could change her name
She had the colour of the city and the fire of the country flame
    G                 D        G                      Bm A  D                
So I hid my body down below, hoping that my skin wont show


Mystic from the mountain, in the end what did you say wed find
A promise from a pamphlet, a crucifixion on your highway sign     
        G             D             G                           Bm A                   
But I sold you for a cigarette, does it make you want to love me less
        Bm      G           A         D
And if I dont believe. What does that mean?
     Bm          G          A         D 
And when I die alone, who will eat my soul
       G       D               G      D
In the cave of God, while the angels watch
            G       D    Bm A  D
Theres a manic scream, hallelujah

Babe I know I lost you, moment you could finally see
The part of me Id hidden, far below our leather seats
If I could make you understand the empty that I tried fill
Id crucify my body, leave the pieces at your mystics heels
But I sold you for a cigarette
I hope youd sell me off for less

And if we dont agree
What does that leave
And when you die alone
I will eat your soul

In the cave of God
While the angels watch
Theres a manic scream hallelujah

Tabbed by Floor Demon
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