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One Nation Under God!
written by Joshua James and Mckay Stevens.

        E            B
Count em, One, Two, Fifty stars
G                     A 
Across the world, and starting wars.
     E              B           G               A
Now unified we'll be, when we drag their bodies to the sea.
    E        B                G                   A
Now time can teach but if our minds have grown to weak
then damn the dirt,
damn the land,
damn this war,
and damn the flag.
    E                 B            G          A
Now, president hear it is all your blood of innocence.
         E                  B
Upon our nations Government, 
         G               A
supposed rectified parliament well.
     E                 B               G             A
We remember what you did to all those poor japanese men.
      E                        B           G
And we'll not stop until their dead, every child
and ever man.
    G          A             E         B
Cuz, we're one nation under god.
G        A             E         B
we're one nation under god.
G        A              E         B
we're one nation undery my go.o..o..od.
G       A               E
We're on nation under....God!

(same chord progression throughout)

Well this country's built on so called democracy.
I call it tyranny, murder, greed and bigotry.
First we stole the country from those indians.
And then we burnt the land, turned around and we shot em down.
Then we enslaved a man just for the color of his skin.
Put shackles on his wrists, and called ourselves Christians.
It didn't stop with Martin King, no it went on to bigger things.
The KKK and their lynchings, well burn in hell you bastard kings.
We're one nation under god.
We're one nation under god.
we're one nation under my god.
We're one nation under god.

(Mckay stevens)

I pledge allegiance to the USA
I sold my soul to the Devil for a price today.
Cuz we speak of freedom, and we speak of liberty.
But the only full fledged way to set our children free
Is to recognize the mistakes made in history, 
and move forward in faith towards a new century, but..
Power and prestige, and pride investing.
We're sure to can our goal, and forget all our blessings.
So testing, testing attention please.
You best be careful or you'll catch the american disease.
You see, we preach survival of the fittest which is funny.
Cuz the riches that we got only come from blood money.
And the truth is locked in text books and libraries.
The television'blarin man readin is scary.
And the media is telling you, their tellin the truth.
But political agendas got me so confused.
And the number one contender on the late night news
Should be redemption because america is singin the blues.

We're one Nation under God.
We're one Nation under God.
We're one Nation under my Go..o..od
We're one Nation under God.

written by Joshua James and Mckay Stevens
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