• Song:

    Do You Wanna

  • Artist:

    Joshua Radin

  • Album:

    First between 3rd and 4...

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Joshua Radin - Do you wanna

Capo on third fret

Am                      C
you're sitting in your chair
F            Am
no ones around
                C           F
your lights are turned down low
            Am                C
and your skin  feels about to tear
and you is no sound 
   C            G              F
and all i am is frightened for you now
      C          Am

cause you run and
         C                     F
how can I show you that you're done
C              G
you're on your knees
C              F           C
picking up the pieces from your past
            G                   Am
but there's nothing more to gather
              F            C        G
holding on to moments that won't last
                   Am      C
or would you rather end it all
do you wanna?
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