• Song:

    Friend Like You

  • Artist:

    Joshua Radin

  • Album:

    Simple Times

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from Simple Times (2008)
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B          E                   B (B, B/Bb)
I like the way you?re not afraid
E                       B            Ebm
You?ve got the world planned in your mind
B                     E         B
People say you cannot do it
               Abm    F#          B
But they don?t know a friend like you

The girl you love has gone away
Still too young to know her heart
She?ll return her love renewed
Cause she?ll never find a friend like you

When I had no one to call
All the world had shut me down
I showed up at your door so blue
Thank God I had a friend like you

Many times I?ve gone without
A home, a meal, a pair of shoes
If you had three you?d give me two
There ain't no other friend like you.
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