• Song:

    Hallelujah Youre Worthy To Be Praised

  • Artist:

    Judith Mcallister

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Chorus (Ab)
        Ab (xx1114@1) Fm7 (131141@1)     Bbm7 (x13121@1) Db/Eb   Cm7  Fm7 (131141@1)Bbm7 (x13121@1)C7(#5#9)
Hallelu----jah, You're worthy to be   praised

Fm7 (131141@1)      Bbm7 (x13121@1)   Db/Eb    AbHallelujah, (xx1114@1)You're worthy to be      praised

(to Chorus: Fm7  Bbm7  Db/Eb)

(to Verse: Dbm7   Cm7  Bbm7  Db/Eb)

Verse (Ab)
Ab (xx1114@1) Bbm (x13321@1)  Ab/C   Dbm7 (x4242x@1)  Eb7/G        Ab (xx1114@1)   C7(#5#9)
I   lift   my      hands, I praise You Lord

Fm7 (131141@1)    Bbm7 (x13121@1)   Eb7/G       Ab(1st (xx1114@1)X: Db/Eb)
I bow my head, I honor You Lord

(to key change: D/E)

Chorus (A)
     A (x02220@1)   Gbm7 (131141@2)      Bm7 (x20202@1)    D/E (000232@1) Dbm7 (x4242x@1) Gbm7 (131141@2) Bm7 (x20202@1) Db7(#5#9)
Hallelu----jah, You're worthy to be praised

Gbm7 (131141@2)        Bm7 (x20202@1)    D/E (000232@1) AHallelujah, (x02220@1)You're worthy to be praised

(to Chorus (A):   Gbm7   Bm7  D/E)

(to Bridge (A):   F  G)

Bridge (A)
A13sus            A13 (x05422@1)     A13sus      A13 (x05422@1)           Ab13Hallelujah (4x4311@1)You're worthy, Hallelujah we praise Your Name

G13sus            G13 (3x3200@1)     G13sus    Dm7   Em7  F (133211@1) G (320003@1)  AHallelujah (x02220@1)You're worthy, Hallelujah, Lord we  lift You up

Dm7   Em7  F (133211@1) G (320003@1)   A (x02220@1) (to repeat: A7#5#9)
Lord we   lift You up

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