• Song:

    Times A Wastin

  • Artist:

    June Carter Cash

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Capo 1st Fret

Intro: A D

DMale: (xx0232@1)Now I've got arms
Female: And I've got arms
Together: Lets get together and use those arms
Female: Lets go
                 ATogether: (x02220@1)Times a wastin'

AM: (x02220@1)I've got lips
F: And I've got lips
T: Lets get together and use those lips
F: Lets go
          DT: (xx0232@1)Times a wastin

G (320003@1)                                            D*F: (xx0232@1)A cakes no good if you don't mix the batter and bake it
    D (xx0232@1)                                                     A*M: (x02220@1)And loves just a bubble if you don't take the trouble to make it

A*T: (x02220@1)So if you're free to go with me
*T: I'll take you quicker than 1-2-3
        A*F: (x02220@1)Lets go
           D*T: (xx0232@1)Times a wastin'

(Instrumental Break)- Follow pattern of last six lines you just did (*)

DM: (xx0232@1)Now I've got blues
F: And I've got blues
T: Lets get acquainted and lose those blues
F: Lets go
           AT: (x02220@1)Time's a wastin'

AM: (x02220@1)Now I've got feet
F: And I've got feet
T: Lets start to walk with a lovers beat
F: Lets go
          DT: (xx0232@1)Times a wastin'

G (320003@1)                                   DF: (xx0232@1)You've got me feelin' love like I never have felt it
   D (xx0232@1)                                               AM: (x02220@1)You're full of sugar and I think I'm the burner to meld it

AM: (x02220@1)Now I've got schemes
F: And You've got schemes
T: Lets get together and dream some dreams
       AF: (x02220@1)Lets go
          DT: (xx0232@1)Times a wastin'

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