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By Zeeshan: zeeshanejaz@hotmail.com

Hi folks.. i have read many tabs of junoon for this song and none sounded exact and
precise. Until one day i saw salman ahmad live on PTV playing this song on a 12
stringer. I  noticed that he was playing rather unusual chords.

Since i dun know names of those chords i'll show the legend here

Chord Am 002210  (Simple and cute Am  )  
Chord X  003230  (Some sort of Chord D)
Chord C  032030  (Some sort of Chord C)
Chord Y  033200  (Dont know this one  )
Chord Z  021200  (Some sort of Chord E)  

AmX (x02210@1)    	C (x32010@1)AmJunoon (x02210@1)	Sey ..	Aur ishq 	sey

Y		Z
Milti hey.	Aazadi

AmX (x02210@1)    	C (x32010@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am
Qurbani ki	bahon 	sey

Milti 	hey.	Aazadi

Play along listen to the song for chord progession and tempo. Learn strumming and rock

Feedback Welcome

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