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NB: Every note written in brackets is muted with the right/strumming hand, while the 
frets are held with the left hand. If you don't understand what I mean, listen to the 
song and notice how some notes sound clearer than others.

e ------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------5~------------------
G ----------------------------6-------7-----------------------------
D --(7)-(7)-7-(7)-5-(5)-7-(7)---(7)-5---(7)-5-----------------------
A ---0---0-----0-----0-----0----------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------Repeat 3----------------------
G ----------------------------6-4------times------------------------
D --(7)-7-(7)-5-(5)-7--4h5/7------7-----then:-------7-5-------------
A ---0-----0-----0--------------------------------------7-7---------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------

The chords used are really simple, but they are explained at the bottom anyway.

Jogia way sun meri baat
A             D    A          G    Dadd9/F#    A
Mera jevan tu ranjhray ka ghulam             jogia
Chain paaon kya kisi raat
A                  D    A          G    Dadd9/F#	A
Meri neendien hain rang par main haram              jogia

A          G
Koi bichra kis tarha
A            Dadd9/F#
Kyon lia hai jog
A          G
Koi bichra kis tarha
D            G
Kyon lia hai jog
D             C    G    A
Kis liay jaan ko lagaya rog

Break in middle:

(pluck these chords for the right effect):-

D D D   C9 G A (let ring)

Jogia way kya tera naam
Mera jeevan tu ranjhray ka ghulam jogia
Tu hi mera pyar hai kaise jane log
Kya kabhi mumkin nahin sanjog

E A D G B e

A		-	x 0 2 2 x x

D		-	x x 0 2 3 x

G		-	x 2 0 0 3 x

Dadd9/F#	-	x x 4 2 3 2

C		-	x x 5 5 5 x

Tabbed by: The Unaffectionate Nomster (TUN)
Any criticisms, corrections, and/or suggestions are welcome.
Please e-mail me at: nomibaby@hotmail.com.
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