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    Jupiter One

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    Jupiter One

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Well, I just picked out the basic chord progression for any of you acoustic lovers out
when im in acoustic mode i hate having to convert these from electric oriented tabs and
chords that sound shite on the old hunk of wood and strings.

Bm,A,D,G over and over varying the strums and what not of course,and plenty of mutes in
between strums on the verse, intro yada yada yada and i pick on the chorus...you can
get away with Bm,A,D,Bm i think, i don't know honestly ive had quite a few drinks too 
lads and ladies to be quite honest with you...

Any ways with a pick i palm mute to some extent on every strum of the intro, but i
play acoustic without and do sort of a "slap mute" creates a nice rhythm i reckon.

For instance in the verse this is a simplified version of what i like to do
All on Bm...V V X V X V A V then immediately onto next chord, and the next and the next
the same pattern( V=down A=up X=mute) or play it like them.
And so it begins...
Bm                                           A
Countdown, cant think of a reason i used to love it down town
Met you in the middle of this scandalous town
Miracle walking around
Count Down to a Bright sound
And so it begins...
Bm again and so on.
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