Just Surrender
I Said It Before
We're In Like Sin
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -   x02220
Bm -  x24432
F# -  244322
G -   355433 or 320033
D -   xx0232

Verse 1:
A    Bm
 You walked away since
there was nothing to say
F#   G
 And now you're gone
I like it better this way
A    Bm
 And every promise that
you never could make
   F#   G
Is history like
             A  Bm
you and me today
                    F# G
(like you and me today)

Guitar 2: In "like you and me today"
D|-----------------------------| x2

Verse 2:
A    Bm
 You turned your back on all
the friends that you played
    F#        G
Now you could never
be a fucking friend anyway
A    Bm
 You are a coward
and liar at best
     F# G
Keep walking kid and
                 A   Bm F# G
choke on your regrets

(Repeat Guitar 2)

I said it before
A                 Bm
  I won't say it again
I'll take it bit by bit
    A                Bm
and make it till the end

(Repeat Guitar 2)
A Bm F# G

Verse 3:
A     Bm
 That kind of feeling
learning how to stand tall
      F#   G
Once again it seems you left
no shoes to fill in the end
           A   Bm
Some friend A straight shooter
and it came from the chest
           F#   G
Now you're back Shooting blanks and
                            A   Bm F# G
missing marks just like the rest

(Repeat Guitar 2)
(Rpeat Chorus)

F#        G
  There's something wrong
with the way this played out
F#  G
  A scene too long that
the writers cut out
A   Bm
And we thought we'd
never see the end
It's time to learn what it
means to stand proud
F#       G
  You've found this life now
                    Bm A E/G# G Bm A
it's yours to carry out

(Repeat Chorus twice)

I'll take it bit by bit
and make it
I'll take it bit by bit
    A                Bm
and make it till the end
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