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Just Surrender
We're In Like Sin
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Ebm -   x68876
F# -    244322
G#m7 -  466574
B9 -    x24422
C# -    x46664
C#/F -  143xxx
BM7 -   x2434x
G#7/C - x3434x
D -     x57775 or xx0232


Bass line:

Verse 1:
        Ebmthis (xx4342@1)is not a test, not a test
               F#don't (244322@1)carry any secrets
                        G#m7do (131141@4)you think that i can see you
                  B2i (135211@7)know it's late i need you
        Ebmto (xx4342@1)open my chest, my chest
             F#fix (244322@1)whatever you need to be fixed
                 G#m7so (131141@4)long as i can hold you
                 Bbreathe (x2444x@1)in rhythm with you

    C#its (x43121@1)all that i've waited for
       B2this (135211@7)is payback for
all of the words
     F#that (244322@1)never meant enough
to keep me concerned
every homesick letter that never
       Ebm (xx4342@1)                  B2had (135211@7)the strength to find your door
        B2this (135211@7)is just enough to
keep me concerned
     F#with (244322@1)every hope i had
that you would return
and now i've learned that you've
            Ebmbecome (xx4342@1)everything i've
            B9once (x2122x@1)hated still dependent

Verse 2:
        Ebmthis (xx4342@1)is torturous, torturous
              F#so (244322@1)close i can feel your touch
                     G#m7i'd (131141@4)be patient but i lust for you
                     B9i'll (x2122x@1)do anything you want me to
            Ebmi'll (xx4342@1)be the best chance take you take
            F#lost (244322@1)in the rhythm our bodies lay
                G#m7girl (131141@4)you know i lust for you
                     B9i'll (x2122x@1)do anything you want me to

(Repeat Chorus)

       BM7       G#7/C
and if all i can do
        C#is (x43121@1)just sit and
         Dwait (xx0232@1)for you
       Ebmthen (xx4342@1)i guess i'll just
   C# (x43121@1)             B9be (x2122x@1)waiting till the end
     Ebmoh (xx4342@1)i guess i'll just
   C# (x43121@1)            B9be (x2122x@1)waiting till the...

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