This chords for this one are pretty easy.
This is CAPO 8!!!
or not... however you wanna sing it.

(Relative to Capo)
Em7 020000, F#7 242322, then Bm7 X24232
(the very last chord is Bmaj7 X24342)

[Em7]                    [F#7]          [Bm7]
  Girl you know we've been together such a long long time (such a long time)

[Em7]         [F#7]    [Bm7]
  And now I'm ready to lay it on the line

       [Em7]          [F#7]                 [Bm7]
(Wooow)      You know it's Christmas and my heart is open wide

[Em7]        [F#7]                [Bm7]
  Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind

[Em7]       [F#7]            [Bm7]
     A gift real special, so take off the top

      [Em7]         [F#7]                  [Bm7]
Take a look inside ----- it's my dick in a box

[Em7]              [F#7]
Not gonna get you a diamond ring

That sort of gift don't mean anything

[Em7]              [F#7]
Not gonna get you a fancy car

Girl ya gotta know you're my shining star

[Em7]              [F#7]
Not gonna get you a house in the hills

A girl like you needs somethin' real

    [Em7]               [F#7]
Wanna get you somethin' from the heart

Somethin' special girl

                  [Em7]    [F#7]                 [Bm7]
It's my dick in a box,              my dick in a box babe

                  [Em7]    [F#7]                 [Bm7]
It's my dick in a box,              my dick in a box girl

You should be able to get it from here...

If you need more help, (with the strumming pattern, singing, etc...) here's the video I 
the tab from... he's not the best singer, but his tab is Spot-On!!!
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