• Song:

    Here's A Lei

  • Artist:

    Ka'au Crater Boys

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G             Dm            Em 
Here's a lei, I give to you 
For my feelings, that is true 
G            Dm                   Em 
Remember the times we had, we had fun 
                    Dm7               Em  Dm7        
Those were good and few were bad.     Nooooo 

G                Dm              Em 
When that lei is blowing swiftly 
I think of your hair blowing lightly 
         Em         Dm7 
When the sun shines in 
         Em         Dm7 
When the sun shines in 

G                    Dm          Em 
There's a brown spot on that lei 
I'm thinking I don't want to stay 
G                  Dm            Em 
 Remember that lei I gave to you? 
It means farewell 
G                   Dm           Em 
 I'm going home now, so take care 
         Dm7        C G    C    G 
I'll see you    goodbye goodbye 
    C  Cm  C 
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