• Song:

    Here's A Lei

  • Artist:

    Ka'au Crater Boys

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G5             D5            E5 
Here's a lei, I give to you 
For my feelings, that is true 
G5            D5                   E5 
Remember the times we had, we had fun 
                    D5               E5  D5        
Those were good and few were bad.     Nooooo 

G5                D5              E5 
When that lei is blowing swiftly 
I think of your hair blowing lightly 
         E5         D5 
When the sun shines in 
         E5         D5 
When the sun shines in 

G5                    D5          E5 
There's a brown spot on that lei 
I'm thinking I don't want to stay 
G5                  D5            E5 
 Remember that lei I gave to you? 
It means farewell 
G5                   D5           E5 
 I'm going home now, so take care 
         D5        C5 G5    C5    G5 
I'll see you    goodbye goodbye 
    C5  C5  C5 
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